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Welcome to the new edition of South Florida Premier League, which brings teams together once a week, on Sundays starting at 4:30 PM. To keep up with the competition, we need the help of all players, coaches, team owners and referees. Everyone must comply with the regulations stipulated by the organization and administration of the League.


It is our primary obligation to take care of the physical and moral integrity of all our players. Strong sanctions will be imposed to anyone who acts against the safety of others.


In case of a tie in points in the Table of Positions, the position will be defined according to the following tie rules:


1. Highest number of games won. (W)
2. Largest difference between the total of goals in favor and the total of goals against (GD)
3. Highest number of goals in favor (F)
4. Lowest number of goals against. (A)




• Each team can register a maximum of 23 players for the roster. Only 18 can be in each match.
• Each team must have at least two complete uniforms.
• Each team will have a specific place where the uniforms should be placed and the area will be completely clean.
• Each team must have a Size 5 Soccer Ball and if it does not have it at the time of the game, one will be given one, leaving an identification as guarantee of return. If you lose the Soccer Ball, you will pay $50 due immediately.

°Team that is scheduled and can not play be replaced by another team in that date.

°The team that cancels after the scheduled date will have a fine of $ 150, if it cancels the same day the fine is of $ 300



• All minors must be authorized to play by his/her parents or legal guardians by signing a Waiver and a photocopy of their Government issued ID.
• All players must present their respective Player Pass (League ID) to the referee.
• Every player must remove any accessory that endangers the integrity of another player. (Chains, bracelets, earrings, etc.)
• All players must arrive at least 30 minutes before the game.
• All players must sign a waiver, accepting the conditions established by the League.
• No player in Division A may play in Division B or vice versa. (Player caught in this situation will be sanctioned with a 3 Games Suspension and fined $ 30).




• The chronometer will start to run at the indicated time of the match
• It will have a duration of 45 minutes per time and 10 minutes of rest.
• It will have a maximum wait of 15 minutes, to start the match, which will be deducted from the first half.
• If a team decides to demand the points because the opponent team is not in the field or ready after the 15-minute window, both teams must pay the Game Fee immediately whether a friendly game takes place or not.
• If a match is postponed by force majeure, it will be played as soon as there is an available field in which the two teams agree. (Subject to reason for cancellation of the match).
• In case a game is canceled due to rain, thunderstorm or loss of power, please wait 30 minutes to resume. If the conditions do not improve and more than 45 minutes have been played, the game will be terminated with the score being valid. If it has been less than 45 min. The remaining time will be played on a day and time when the teams involved agree.
• Match won by W.0 will result in 2x0 and a fine of $ $300.00 to the team that did not appear
• The match will be terminated, when there is an eight (8) goal lead.
• After completing each match, the team delegate, coach or owner must sign the roster and thus have knowledge and verify the data about goals, cards and referee reports. NO claims will be accepted if the roster is unsigned.
• If a team withdraws during the course of the match, it will lose the points and the final result of the match will be 2x0 (will be subject to the referee report). The team will be replaced when we have team available and there will be no refunds on registration.




• The teams will be able to make unlimited changes of players during the encounter, without interrupting the normal course of the match. A player that is replaced, can re-enter the game again.
• Any substitution must first present his respective Player Pass to the assistant.
• New player registrations will be allowed until the second match of the second Phase of the league (subject to the format of the tournament).
• A player is allowed to change teams, before playing the 5th game of the first round. After this, transfers of players must be authorized by the Coach of the team to which the player belongs and the league management, after having transferred he cannot go back. (Subject to verification and validation).
• There will be exceptions according to each particular case and with medical reports if the case is an injury. (If it is by injury, a player's entry to the second phase will be accepted, this does not include Playoffs, Semi-Final or Final).

•  In order to participate in Playoffs, semifinals and/or finals, a participant must have played in at least 3 games throughout the League. 

Rosters will close with 23 players from which only 18 can be present in the game.





• All teams must be in the field 30 minutes before the match.
• The referee will review each Player Pass of the team, inspecting shin guards and cleats.
• WITHOUT EXCEPTION, only fully uniformed players, and a Coach, team delegate or team owner will be allowed in the bench area.




• To file any game demand, please send an email to us up to 48 hours after the game ended. After this deadline, the claim will not be valid.
• The team that loses the claim will lose the points disputed in the game and will have a final result of W-0 (2x0).
• A team may claim and claim their points in the following cases:

1. If a suspended player participates in the match.

2.If a player impersonates another player in the roster (or plays under a different name).
3. If a technician withdraws his team before the end of the match.
4. If the referee decides to end the game for lack of guarantees.

• All of the above is subject to the referees' report. They must ensure that the situation presented was real.




• It is totally prohibited the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the facilities of the park.
• Any situation that arises in the League and is not specified in the rules of the League, the administration reserves the right to make any decision that will be final and respected by all participants of the League.
• South Florida Leagues, LLC will not be responsible for expenses incurred by the participating teams in the event of cancellations or due to negligence or wrongful acts of the participants, these include: cancellation of the game for fights or consumption of alcoholic beverages.
• No person involved in the League, affiliated member, family, associate member, state association, autonomous association, official commission, league, club, player, coach, manager, company or arbitrator may invoke the aid of the courts in the United States without before having exhausted all means offered by the organizing company.
• South Florida Leagues, LLC will be exempt from any expenses incurred by the participants of the League in case of reaching any legal measure.
• The persons participating in the League will reimburse expenses incurred by South Florida Leagues, LLC, in case of any legal action against the company. These might be:

-Court Fees
-Legal Expenses
-Compensation for time spent. -Travel expenses.
-Miscellaneous expenses required by the court.




• Physical aggression or attempting to assault a referee and/or player: Suspension for ten (10) Weeks of all leagues organized by the company and a $100.00 fine. (Subject to the referee report)
• Spits at opponent or any other person: suspension of the tournament for ten (10) Weeks and a $100.00 fine.
• Attempted aggression to a player: 4 games and a $40.00 fine. (Subject to referee's report).
• Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures (Verbal aggression to a referee): 3 games and a $30.00 fine (Subject to referee's report).
• Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures (Verbal aggression to a player): 1 to 3 games and a $10.00 fine for each date. (Subject to referee's report).
• Violent conduct: 3 Games and a $30.00 fine
• Mutual Aggression: 2 games and a $20.00 fine
• Serious Foul Play: 2 Dates and a $20.00 fine
• Receiving a Second Caution in the same match (Double yellow): 1 Date and a $10.00 fine
• Unsporting Behavior: Any action that occurs on and off the field, in which the Player lacks respect for the referee, assistants or another player including the same team. It will have a suspension between 1 and 3 dates and a fine between $10.00 and $30.00 according to the gravity of the action.
• Racist Expressions: (hate speech, derogatory remarks, etc.) 3 games and a $30.00 fine
• Repeated infringements: in any of the serious offenses the suspension and the fine will be doubled.
• Concurrent Infringements (Red Cards Accumulated): Each Three (3) Red Cards in the same league, the player will be suspended 5 games and will pay a $50.00 fine.
• Any act of indiscipline: on the premises of the park, by players, managers, and fans, will be analyzed in an extraordinary meeting among those involved.
• Sanction by W.0: Teams that do now show up to a game must pay $300.00. The Team could be replaced by a team in the waiting list.
• Fraud: A player who commits fraud (playing while suspended, playing with another name, etc.) will have an additional suspension of 3 Dates and a $30.00 fine.


Note: Any player, coach, team delegate, owner or referee who is expelled from a league or event, organized by SOUTH FLORIDA LEAGUES, LLC, will not be able to participate in any other league of the organization until they comply with the imposed sanction.


Important Important: Finalist team who are not present at the championship ceremony will forfeit the prize.

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