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Stadio Soccer

Welcome to our our 6 vs. 6 League in Stadio Soccer. We are happy to have you as a team and welcome all teams that are interested or who want to register to the new season. We currently have one league on Saturdays 12 teams and 12 teams in Stadio Sundays


As a reminder we end the current season in a couple of weeks and we would like to take the moment to reflect on where we started and what we have accomplished. We know that trough the hard work of all staff members, referees, coaches and managers, we are in a better place now than we were once before. We have see refereeing quality and team attendance improve, and feel that it is noteworthy mention that we started with 10 teams Sundays and that we now count with 12 teams on Saturday 


It is our goal to ensure sustainable growth so that all previous and new teams are engaged with the league. It is important to us that players feel welcome in our league and that diversity, inclusion and respect for others becomes a fundamental part of everything we do. 

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Stadio Saturday 

Celebrate our current Champions and Runner Ups

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